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    GPad Lite Max is an ideal city scooter for shorter rides – light and durable. It is the bigger version of the best-selling Lite. New 6.5″ wheels are big enough to give a solid grip, and together with front suspension, make riding easy and comfortable. Due to its lightness, Lite Max is a suitable option for people combining riding with public transport or any other transportation. It’s really easy to fold and unfold and carry the scooter while in public transport, office or to higher floors at home. The folding mechanism has been designed to support frequent folding and unfolding.

    Lite  |  Lite Max


    The GPad Svan is a beauty of its own. Standing out from the crowd like a shining star, it has the sleekest look of them all. But don’t let yourself be fooled by its looks! The GPad Svan might might be a smaller scooter, but it has a heart of big one. 8” wheelbase can take you wherever you desire. Extend the maximum range with an additional 5Ah battery pack and drive it maybe even to the end of the world? Svan also features a folding system which makes folding and storage quick and easy. Does driving at nighttime seem to be a problem? Not anymore! The Svan also has a powerful LED light integrated into the handlebar. To top it all off, GPad Svan has the so-called “life-time” lasting tyres – the honeycomb tyres. Forget flat tyres and just cruise away with the Svan

    Svan  |  Svan Max


    Joyride’s character is embedded in its name – joy to ride.  Do not be fooled by its simple design, it’s packed with features usually available from much more expensive scooters. Joyride balances easily and makes you feel safe both at high speeds and turtle-pace. The footboard is wide enough to support standing feet side by side. 10″ high-end CST-tires and rear disc brake guarantee good grip. Front suspension and pneumatic tires neutralize the bumps and vibration. You are visible to other commuters thanks to the front and rear LED lights, brake light and side-reflectors. Joyride is a folding scooter – it can be quickly folded to save space in storage, public transport or car trunk. Both handlebars can also be folded making it really very slim. There is also a fixed T-bar option available.  The handlebar height can be adjusted with quick release.

    Joyride Eco  |  Joyride Fix  |  Joyride Max