The GPad Svan is a beauty of its own. Standing out
from the crowd like a shining star, it has the sleekest 
look of them all
. But don’t let yourself be fooled by its looks! The GPad Svan may seem to be a smaller
scooter, but it has the heart of a big one


Up to 468 Wh

Large battery capacity

Fast Charging

Fully charged in under 4h (SVAN MAX 6.5h)

Long lasting battery performance

Extend the range by connecting the optional external battery

Modern minimalist controls

Intuitive and easy to use.

Convinient smartphone APP

Adjust your scooters settings quickly and easily


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Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store

Compact and light weight

Folds together in seconds thanks to the upgraded and easy to use three step folding mechanism.




GPad Svan is a beauty on its own. Standing out from the crowd, Svan makes the heads turn. 

However, don’t let yourself be fooled by its slim looks! GPad Svan holds many features that come handy wherever the road takes you:  

– Front suspension to dampen the small cracks and curbs on the road, or uneven road. Most e-scooters in the same class do not offer this feature.

– Honeycomb tires that provide the sturdiness and anti-puncture of solid tires, yet the softness similar to pneumatic tires. 

– Battery to cover most of the city rides with range of up to 25kms. For extended range, please check out GPad Svan Max that comes with additional battery installed.

– Enough torque from 350W motor with the peak of 500W, to take you uphill in most of the hill-climbs you face in your city. This is of course dependent on the rider weight.

– Good braking efficiency offered by front electronic brake and the rear kick-brake.

– Easy to fold with efficient and adjustable folding lock. 

– Easy to carry with just 12.5kgs of weight

– Convenience features like cruise control and zero-start/kick-start option, as well as choice of 3 speed levels: 1) walking speed 6km/h, 2) Eco – 15km/h and 3) Sport – 25km/h

– Anti-slip rubber deck cover

– Lights package with bright front and rear LED-lights, adjustable ambience lighting under the deck and side reflectors for better visibility while crossing the streets.

– GPad smartphone app with dashboard showing battery meter, remaining range, trip data etc. as well as different settings that can be adjusted.

–  Different from most other scooters that come in black or grey, Svan can be black, white, red or blue.

– Use Svan with GPad accessories like handle-bar bag, scooter lock or helmet!

Svan is a scooter for city trips to work or school and, why not, to a nearby restaurant or a shopping mall. Svan is easy to fold and carry, and hide under your office desk for a quick recharge if needed. 

Svan is not a scooter for heavy riders (over 100kgs), to go off-road, or ride the ancient cobble-stone streets. You would be much better off doing that kind of stuff with GPad Joyride with 10″ pneumatic tires or GPad Storm with all-wheel drive and full suspension.

As any other vehicle, Svan needs some regular checking and maintenance. It’s recommended to perform a quick safety check of brakes, lights and potentially loose items before every ride.  In fact it is super-easy to take care of the mechanical parts of your Svan just using the set of hex-keys provided.  It is recommended, that you check in to an after-sales service after the first 200-300kms and then after every 1000kms. Even if nothing needs to be fixed, you will still get some useful tips on how to take better care of your scooter.

Svan is not water-resistant even if it has the IPX4 class tests passed. In practice, this means that you should not ride the scooter in wet conditions, in the rain, through water or snow, wash the scooter with water or other liquids. 

Charging to 100% takes approximately 4 hours with the original charger provided. Make sure to replace the charging port cover after every charge. When storing the scooter for longer period (like off-season), do it in a dry place at room temperature, and make sure the battery charge level is 50-60% (not empty, nor full), check the charge level every 2 months.

Svan has 2 year warranty for frame and 1-year warranty for other parts, electronics and battery against manufacturing or assembly defects. The warranty does not cover wear-and-tear items as well as defects caused by the user or by not following the instructions provided in the user manual. For detailed warranty terms and user manual, please check out the GPad Urban Mobility website. 

When riding the GPad Svan, it’s recommended to wear a helmet


Product Specifications

Max Speed 25 km/h 25 km/h
Range 25 km 40 km
Climbing Ability 7°* 7°*
Max load 100 kg 100 kg
Frame Material Aluminium Aluminium
Brakes Electronic front brake, mechanical foot brake Electronic front brake, mechanical foot brake
Shock Absorbers Front Front
Rated power 350 W 3500 W
Peak Power 500 W 500 W
Torque 18Nm 18Nm
Tires 8.5″ Honeycomb 8.5″ Honeycomb
Required height of user 120 – 200 cm 120 – 200 cm
Recommended age 14+ 14+
Nominal Battery Voltage 36 VDC 36 VDC
Nominal Battery Capacity 280 Wh (7.8Ah) 468 Wh (13.0Ah)
Charging Voltage 42.0 VDC 42.0 VDC
Charging Current 2 A 2 A
Charging Time 4 h 6.5 h
Working Temperature -1 – +40 °C -1 – +40 °C
Net weight 12 kg 14 kg

*Depends on the rider’s weight, riding style, speed, terrain, temperature and wind.