F3 Max DT

Gpad F3 


Up to 100km*

Ultra Long Range

Front and Rear Disc Brakes 

Safe and controlled braking performance

All Wheel Drive

Maximum grip and performance

When in life you need a superhero, that’s when you call the GPad F3 MAX DT. Its nothing but inhumanly fast, powerful and also dangerously addictive electric scooter. As some may say, it’s not even a scooter, more likely a space shuttle or a rocket that will blast you off this planet. It features maybe the biggest, 11-inch wheels with the dual drive mode. The 32Ah battery can take you up to 100km far, so no need to charge it daily, maybe just weekly could work! When talking about the biggest and fastest electric scooter there is, it definitely has all the needed suspension and hydraulic brake system, to hold you from any inconvenient surprises while riding. Because safety, comes always first! Despite being one of the biggest scooters, the handlebar still folds and so does the machine. So, when in need to hide it from your parents or wife, just fold it and hide it!

When riding GPad F3 MAX DT, we recommend wearing full protective gear.

Product Specifications

Model GPad® F3 MAX DT
Max Speed 25 km/h
Range 100 km
Climbing Ability 20°*
Max load 120 kg
Frame Material Steel
Brakes Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes
Shock Absorbers Front and rear
Rated motor power 1000 W
Tires 11×3.0 Off-road tires
Required height of user 120 – 200 cm
Recommended age 14+
Nominal Battery Voltage 60 VDC
Nominal Battery Capacity 1920Wh (32.0Ah)
Charging Voltage 67.2 VDC
Charging Current 2 A
Charging Time 16 h
Working Temperature -1 – +40 °C
Net weight 41 kg
Controller type Minimotors 2*40A
Display type Minimotors EY3

*Depends on the rider’s weight, riding style, speed, terrain, temperature and wind.