City Scooters

Electric scooters are the fastest growing personal mobility category all over the world. They are a simple, fast and convenient way to commute in the city. Scooters are super-efficient in terms of energy consumption and environment impact. Last but not least, they save you a lot of money otherwise spent on gas and parking. And never mind – if you still prefer to use a car or public transport, you can always combine electric scooters with other means of transport.

Power Scooters

Why on earth do you need a power scooter? The answer is – you probably don’t. It is not a practical solution for city commuting – it’s too big, too fast and too expensive to make it a reasonable buy. 

However, power scooter is an absolutely perfect way for having fun at night after work or go out over the weekend with friends. You can go places you otherwise never discover, enjoy the all-wheel-drive acceleration while going uphill or crossing long distances on dirt roads.
Bear in mind, in many countries the regulation prevents power scooters from public roads. Respect the laws.


Be it a cool and safe helmet or an additional charger for your ride! GPad electric mobility products come with a healthy selection of practical accessories and of course spare parts. You may find all the smaller things needed, to pimp your ride or make yourself feel safe and sound!


FREEDOM for city commuters

To create freedom by helping people commute in a stress-free and environmentally friendly manner.