Our story

Our Story

About Us

GPAD is a Nordic brand focusing on new solutions for urban mobility. The products include electric scooters, e-bikes, electric skateboards, unicycles, hoverboards and other kinds of electric vehicles.

Increasing traffic jams have led many cities to abolish cars from the city centers and look for new environment-friendly alternatives. In many cities there are incentive schemes in place to help people to switch from cars to other, smaller personal mobility devices.

The team behind GPAD is fully committed to innovation and continuous improvement of the urban mobility experience. The concepts include door-to-door solutions, where mileage, safety and riding experience are at the core. Or last mile solution where personal mobility device is combined with public transport or car. The focus here is on lightness and foldability, while not compromising the safety and riding experience.

GPAD solutions are the leading ones in the Nordic countries offering both entry level and advanced vehicles for commute and fun with plenty of accessories and after-sales support. The main distribution partner for GPAD products is Fortunati Mobility.

The company handles the quality control and certification to guarantee the products meet the strictest requirements of the European regulation.
GPAD has an European maintenance centre in Tallinn, Estonia, to support client with after-sales, spare-parts,warranty repair and maintenance.


Our Mission

To create freedom by helping people commute in a stress-free and environmentally friendly manner.