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    Wide platform, long wheelbase and wide handlebar give a super smooth and rigid riding experience when riding the Storm. The dual motor system with 1000W on both ends gives a perfect power to take on any steep hills and rough terrains. Storm is also equipped with adjustable suspensions both on front and rear. So when in a need for smoother or stiffer ride, just adjust the suspensions. This exact model Storm Max, has a bigger battery (18.2Ah), which should last depending on the rider for about 55km in one charge. So any longer trip with Storm, shouldn’t be a problem.

    Storm  |  Storm Max


    Don’t let the foxy name Foxen, distract yourself from the capabilities of this “little” 10-inched power scooter. GPad Foxen can handle steep hills with even a 150kg rider on its shoulders. The 60V, 20Ah battery combined with 2x1000W motors, gives you plenty of power to last for long and demanding rides. Foxen is equipped with front and rear suspension, hydraulic brakes and lights both on front and back. The battery charging time from 0% to 100% takes about 10h. Just a comfortably long time, to put your little Foxen charging for the nighttime and to use it once again in the daylight.



    GPad F3 is king of the hill, when it comes to confronting any obstacles. Or it would be more clearly said, that there is nothing stopping the GPad F3 (maybe only F3 Max). The dual motor system and whopping 2×1600 nominal power that this beast harnesses will get you anywhere. If you would come up with a need to use only one motor and drive long distances, just turn off the dual motor drive and switch from Power mode to Eco. The F3 is also equipped with proper suspension, that will help you in any off-road scenarios and potholes on paved roads. The only thing that this beast doesn’t like, is lifting. Actually, it just weights 46kg, so it just ain’t that comfortable to do. But hey, its actually doable, so no worries. F3 gets its needed braking power from front and rear hydralic disc brakes that make the braking real pleasure. And when in need to pack this beast into a RV or store it somewhere, it can still be folded together, despite being in the caliber of extra big electric scooters.

    F3  |  F3 Max